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Our Favourite Beaches: Perranporth

Our Favourite Beaches: Perranporth

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about some of our favourite beaches around Cornwall. And, as surfers, the north coast of the county is where we naturally gravitate. However, Perranporth offers much more than just fantastic waves. The beach and, by extension, the town have been slowly transforming themselves into a fully-fledged venue. Offering regular live music and an annual music festival right on the beach, Perranporth has become a favourite of ours for some après surf fun.
 Overlooking Perranporth
Perranporth is easily memorable. With miles of outstretched golden sand backed up by dunes along the entire length, it’s really quite an impressive beach. And if that wasn’t enough to remember it, Chapel Rock sits proudly in the middle of the beach at low tide. Atop the rock are the remnants of a Cornish flag fluttering in the wind. The brave may climb to the top, but the foolish will get caught out by the tide and become stranded! The Watering Hole really enables Perranporth to stand alone among the beaches of Cornwall. The bar sits surrounded by sand, and you could be forgiven for thinking that the beach was secondary to the popular bar! The Watering Hole has started to reinvent itself over the past few years and now finds itself as a popular venue with an unrivalled location. Live music every weekend, a designated outdoor stage for various artists, and an annual festival: what more could you possibly want?
 Chapel Rock at low tide
Perranporth is popular with an array of people. On the quieter days you’re just as likely to find horse riders as you are surfers. On the busier days, it’s a melting pot of anyone and everyone. Considering all of the benefits Perranporth has beyond the beautiful beach, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular spot for tourists. Perranporth isn't an isolated beach like many in the county. Instead, think of it as a thriving Cornish town with a beach attached. Perranporth faces due west, exposing itself to the Atlantic swells offering reliable surf (and a killer sunset) in the summer months. During peak months the beach and the waves can get busy. But don't let this deter you! The beach is more than big enough to accommodate everyone.
 The cliffs to the south are great for exploring
It’s no surprise that Perranporth is a popular spot year round; it’s one of the few beaches where nothing is compromised. We’ll definitely be spending some summer evenings down there! What about you? As always, share this blog with your friends and let us know your favourite times spent at Perranporth.
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