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Our Story

Why Hager-Vor?

Our home-grown sense of identity is perhaps best expressed in our name, Hager-Vor which means ‘rough sea’ in Cornish. The ocean is our playground and our links to the sea are really where our story began.

Sandy toes and salty lips...

All the good things that we love about Cornwall goes into our clothing… to be honest though, we wouldn’t know how to do it any other way. Waves, beaches, sandy toes and salty lips, the setting sun on our backs, simple times and good vibes with people who make us smile. This is our Cornwall and it shapes everything we do at Hager-Vor. We haven’t found an actual way to bottle Cornwall yet but we think our clothing comes pretty close.

EST 1999

We started out in ’99 by sponsoring the Penwith lifeguards, a scattering of secluded beach coves on the western Cornish coast. Godrevy beach has been part of our lives for as long as we can remember; some of our earliest memories include running down to the beach after school with friends and parents, cars loaded up with barbecues, boards and wetsuits still damp from the day before. It’s a special place and it’s been the inspiration for some of our most iconic designs.

Inspired by the sea

The sea inspires us every day to create clothing that we love to wear ourselves. Classic tees that always feel fresh and are built to last. Comfy crews and hoodies – the kind that make everything right when you pull one on as the sun goes down, or wrap up in to take in a blast of fresh air on a winter walk.. Many of our designs usually start as scribbled ideas and sketches in our pads but we’ve also been fortunate to work with some great local artists who share our love of the Cornish environment and lifestyle. We’ve tried to keep things pretty simple – it’s about bringing the elements together and celebrating them in the form of good quality modern classics.

Earth Positive Approach

We are aware of our responsibility to protect what we love and we strive to be as ethical and sustainable as we can. We take an Earth positive approach to everything we do; from ethically-sourced climate-neutral clothing, to our continued effort to use less plastic and to recycle, we aim to create a world that everyone gets to enjoy.

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