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Design Inspiration: From The Sea

Design Inspiration: From The Sea

For our first blog post of April, we’re going to talk inspiration again! Similar to our previous design inspiration post, we’re going to be looking at the tee of the month: From The Sea.
 From The Sea tee
From The Sea is inspired by a couple of distinctly Cornish sources. Although it doesn’t require much searching to find a mining house in the county they’re always spectacular to look at. However, our favourite is Wheal Coates. Found between Chapel Porth and St Agnes, and perched on the edge of the cliff, it’s striking from any angle. For us, having surfed at Chapel Porth regularly, the sight up towards the cliffs from the water is the one that inspired the tee design and name the most.
 Wheal Coates from Chapel Porth
Chapel Porth has always been a special beach for us, predominantly because of the quality of surf you get down there. But we also love how spooky it gets which has helped to influence the almost gothic design. The cliffs hide numerous caves. The rip current lingers invisibly under the water. And the beach all but disappears at high tide. Team this with the harsh cliffs surrounding the beach and Wheal Coates and you get a spooky, yet alluring, beach cove. We love how the man-made blends into the natural environment and, arguably, adds to the appeal. It makes the short stretch of the coastline instantly recognisable. The mining houses around Cornwall have existed for hundreds of years. And, inevitably, they’ve shaped our visions of the county. We think that for a brand that celebrates Cornwall as much as we do, it’s only right that an iconic mining house features somewhere.
 Looking west from Wheal Coates
On a personal note, the Cornish mines play an important part in my family story. With the prevalence of mining in Cornwall, it’s unsurprising that I’ve had family members who found work down the mines. Growing up we heard stories of being down the mines and went on country walks around plenty of old mining sites. As we got older, we started seeing them on the coast as we surfed and their appeal never stopped. From The Sea: April’s tee of the month. Available in 3 colours and can be found here.
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