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Godrevy: A Home Away From Home

Godrevy: A Home Away From Home

Living in Cornwall provides me with more inspiration than I'll ever need. With Godrevy acting as my back garden and my social space growing up, I've had my fair share of envious looks whenever I recall the stories. My family store, Clotworthy's, has operated in Cornwall and it's where I've chosen to spend the majority of my life. With so many influential places around the county, some hold a special place in my heart and have helped to shape Hager-vor into the brand it is today.

 Looking towards Gwithian

Godrevy was and continues to be, my beach of choice. It’d be fair to say that it very quickly became my second home. It’s where I gained an appreciation for surfing and the lifestyle that it brought me. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world to some of the best surf locations, but the harsh coves of Godrevy will always be the special ones. My board in one hand and the other loosely supporting me against the cliff edge, we would clamber down to reach the hidden cove that had the best break. Every beach offers a different perspective from the water, but I’ve always loved sitting on my board in-between sets at Godrevy. On one side you have the lighthouse — sitting on its little island getting battered by the waves — and on the other, you look down miles of outstretched beach past Gwithian. The unique part is when you look over your shoulder. Behind you to an angle is St. Ives, and you begin to realise you’re sitting in a very wide bay. Narrow enough that the wind and the waves are ushered towards you but not wide enough to be secluded and sheltered.

 Godrevy Lighthouse

The cliffs in front of you, the ones you just made your way down, appear much steeper from out on the water. They transform into sheer rock faces without any apparent path down. In fact, the route you take down changes every time with the elements chipping away at the cliffs like a little chisel and hammer. Perched at the top of the cliffs is, perhaps, the smallest lifeguard hut you’ll ever see. Exposed to all the elements, you wonder how it withstands all the harsh winter winds that Godrevy gets.

 Rough seas at Godrevy

Godrevy provided inspiration before the Hager-vor journey even started for me and it continues to do so. Every visit is different. The waves never hit the same, secluded beach coves are uncovered at low tide and the people you share the experience with will always offer alternate vibes. There is never a bad day at Godrevy, and I continue to be inspired every single time I walk along the boardwalk through the dunes. I feel welcomed by the sea. I am home.
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