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Design Inspiration: The Flow

Design Inspiration: The Flow

As a regular blog feature, we'd like to start talking about some of our designs and our inspiration behind them. The first design we're going to look at is the Flow – our current tee of the month.

Flow design on black tee

The Flow tee in black

The Flow, like many of our designs, is inspired by the sea around us. There's a special feeling that you can only get being in the water; something you'll only know if you've experienced it yourself. It's impossible to feel the scale of what you're doing until you're sitting out there looking at the following set rolling in and anticipating which wave will offer you the best ride. The respect-warranting immense strength of the waves empowers you but reminds you how small you are at the same time.


Rough sea design inspo

Rough seas at Portreath

We designed, and named, the Flow to sit with the mantra "go with the flow." The belief that with every set of waves that passes there will always be more sets on the horizon. The design looks chaotic at first but when you look closer you begin to see it is made up of identical circles. There is order in the disorder – an idea we took from surfing. When you study the conditions of the sea on any particular day, you will begin detecting patterns; the sets are all breaking the same direction, the sets of waves come in at the same intervals. The ocean can be unpredictable at times but when you know what you're looking for you begin to understand the patterns.


St. Ives harbour - inspires our designers as a location of our store

St. Ives harbour
Living in Cornwall allows us to be inspired by the sea every day. Whether we're taking a walk along the cliffs and looking down at the sea below, padding among the waves, or overlooking the busy harbours around the county. We love that so many people from different walks of life are connected by the sea. It really is powerful, in more ways than we'll ever know.
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