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Our First Blog Post: A Deeper Look Into Hager-vor

Our First Blog Post: A Deeper Look Into Hager-vor

Hi guys! I guess we’re doing it — we’re starting a blog to share some of our stories and give you an insight into the brand. The blog is where you will be able to learn about the history of Hager-vor, get some local insight on Cornwall and our favourite spots, and see what we’re inspired by.
Who we are:
For those of you who don’t know, we’re Hager-vor. A clothing brand born and still operating in Cornwall. We’re as Cornish as it gets. Our family has 100 years of history in the Cornish clothing business and it’s provided us with a perfect foundation for us to grow from.
Even our name is taken from the traditional Cornish language, despite the Scandinavian vibes people have mentioned to us before. Hager-vor translates to ‘rough sea’ and perfectly encapsulates the extreme lifestyle that we follow, despite it now taking us around the world.
Our Hager-vor family can be found wandering the Cornish cliffs in search of perfect surf breaks, shredding the off-piste powder of the Alps, or taking a boat out to the perfect blue waters of the Maldives.
 The Hager-vor family at Godrevy
Why now:
As we approach our 20 year anniversary, we’re wanting to grow the Hager-vor family. Yes, you’re all part of the family. We get a lot of feedback from you — you love that the brand is personal and it’s nice to support the local guys — and we want to repay you for all the support and positivity.
At Hager-vor we live and breathe Cornwall and want to be able to share more of it with you. We think that a blog format allows us to share our passions in more depth and give them the time and content that they deserve.
 Porthtowan at low tide
Our inspiration:
Most of our inspiration comes from Cornwall and the environment around us; we love Cornwall and we want to share it with everyone. But we acknowledge our inspirations from further afield, too. Our youth was filled with 90s hip-hop and skate culture and, naturally, both of these factor into our brand identity.
We want to be more open with our inspirations and show that you can be inspired by the environment and cultures that surround you every single day.
 Our local Godrevy
What you can expect:
In future blog posts, you can expect to see a more personal insight into the Hager-vor brand. You’ll read our stories about our favourite spots around Cornwall, our family history, and the Cornish lifestyle; our top tips on how to get the most out of your time in Cornwall; and our pick of upcoming events and activities in the county. We’ll share our inspiration for specific designs that feature across our product range, and share with you some of our favourite creatives who also call Cornwall home. We look forward to giving you a deeper look into the brand and our hope is that you enjoy the journey with us. Stay updated on all future blog posts by joining us over on our social media channels and joining the #hagervorfamily.
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